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Translation is the process of accurately and idiomatically translating words or text from one language, referred to as the source language, into another, referred to as the target language.

In order to achieve excellent translations, we take great care in selecting the right linguists for the materials you send through. All our translations are human-based translations. Our linguists specialize in various areas and it is our responsibility to match the right linguist profile with the job we got according to the source and target languages. On top of their areas of specialization our linguist must have 5-year experience minimum in the translation industry, possess a translation degree and pass our translation tests.

transladiem offers a two-stage translation process and a three-stage translation process to ensure the utmost quality is always reached. 

 - The two-stage translation process includes translation only and a QA check performed by our project manager, commonly called the final eye step during which we compare the source and the target documents to check they are alike.

 - The three-stage translation process includes translation, proofreading and the final eye step. We fit in the timeline a proofreading task for which the proofreader acts as a second pair of eyes and does back and forth checks between the source text and the target one. This process is often referred to as TEP in the translation industry, meaning translation, editing and proofreading.

Please note that proofreading services can be offered on their own

too if you need to have certain files checked with accuracy such as

bad translations received from another provider, badly written

marketing materials, source files that are about to go through a

translation process. 

We also rely on our translators to perform post-editing tasks and fix

inconsistencies and mistakes that would have been caused by

machine translations.

Last but not least, certified translations are available upon request. This needs to be specified in the early stages of the process for us to have a certified translator work on your documents. In this case you will also receive a statement of translation delivered together with the translated documents.

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