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Standart localisation process

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File analysis

We do double-check that the files received are all editable and open properly during this step. Upon reception of the final source files, we also analyse them against our translation memories to see the final word count. At this stage we can also provide you with a quotation in which we will itemise the matches we found in our translation memory (new words, fuzzy matches, 100% matches) which will reduce the final cost.



This is stage where we discuss the costs and timeline associated with the different project steps. Once we are all set and get your go-ahead, we can start the localisation process and prep the files for translation.


Linguist selection

We take great care in selecting the right linguists for the material you sent through. All our linguists have areas of specialisation and native languages which need to match your project to be considered. It is our job to find the best suitable linguists based on the specifics of the project. On top of this, we check that the linguists are living in the target language country to make sure they are still immersed in their native language. Languages evolve through the time and we believe linguists should not break the tie with their native language, especially when dealing with high visibility content such as marketing translations.



The files to be localised have been prepped for translation in a previous step and are now sent to the relevant linguists that will work on the project.



Once the translation step is completed, we send the files to a proofreader, a second experienced linguist or second pair of eyes, who will compare the source text against the target text to make sure the translation is accurate and there is no missing words.


Desktop Publishing

If the content to be localised was sent to us in a complex format originally, we populate the proofread translation into the original format and a DTP artist will skim through the document to make sure all the elements are well displayed. Here truncations and display issues are fixed to make sure the file is ready to use/print.


Quality check

Before delivering the final localized file, our project managers will go once more through the deliverables and compare them against the source file to make sure they look alike and that all parts have been localized and show in the right places.


File delivery

If the quality assurance has successfully been performed and no adjustments need to be made, we can deliver the final localised files to our client.

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