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In the current context of globalisation, legal proceedings cross boundaries and different jurisdictions, consequently the need for a legal document translation provider you can trust in within the legal sector is a requirement. As a result, a translation certified by a sworn translator can be compelling. Our legal translation services provide our clients with a dedicated team of terminologists, legal QA checkers and legal proofreaders, in addition to a core group of highly experienced legal translators. We provide sworn and certified legal document translation, as well as interpreting services for AGMs, business meetings and conference calls.

Thanks to our experience within the legal profession we can handle legal jargon and our legal translators will go through highly technical terminology and legal principals to achieve the best possible results. We offer a complete range of linguistic solutions in the legal sector so that your translation can be legalised, sworn or stamped.

Whether you request thousands of words to be translated to tight deadlines, or your content is of a very complex and highly confidential nature, our legal services translation team has the knowledge and expertise – coupled with our industry-leading technology – to deliver high quality, cost-effective language support no matter the project.

Our legal translation services cover all areas within the sector, including:

  • Highly confidential documentation

  • Contracts

  • Annual and interim reports

  • Policy documents and passports

  • Company information (e.g. instruments of incorporation)

  • Court transcriptions

  • Meeting minutes

  • Passports, certificates, medical records

  • Apostilles

The confidentiality of your documents is a priority at transladiem, which is why a confidentiality agreement can be signed between both parties in order to guarantee total confidentiality of your certified or legalized translation, which will be delivered to you by both e-mail and post.

Finally, the concept of urgency is perfectly understood by our entire team, from providing you with a quotation in no time to the delivery, while guaranteeing optimal quality thanks to our team of sworn translators.

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