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The finance industry lies in a globally interconnected ecosystem and our international clients value our understanding of regulatory requirements and locally appropriate terminology the same way they value our focus on accuracy and quality. We work in sectors such as investment funds, retail banking, corporate markets and insurance. Our financial translation team has also experience of working in reinsurance, stockbroking, accountancy, consumer finance, risk management for instance.

We regularly translate documentation including annual and interim reports, shareholder letters and marketing brochures. Our financial translation services can also translate fund commentaries, UCITS compliance and passporting documentation. We also provide sworn and certified translation via our financial translation services, as well as interpreting services for AGMs, business meetings and conference calls.

Our senior translators and proofreaders all have many years of experience in translating the specifics of corporate financial management, investment, international finance, public and corporate finance. On top of this, the confidentiality of your documents is a priority at transladiem, which is why an agreement can be signed between both parties to guarantee the complete confidentiality of your financial translation.

Our legal translation services cover all areas within the sector, including:

  • Statements

  • Contracts

  • Shareholder minutes

  • Management minutes

  • Sworn or certified documents

  • KIID

  • Interim and annual reports

  • Financial reports

  • Investment reports

  • Prospectuses

  • Analysis reports

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