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Back-translation is extra proofing step that one might want to include in the translation process to serve certain purposes. This service is particularly required for medical or pharmaceutical trials as any error, no matter how could lead to legal issues down the line. Back-translation allows for an extra level of proofing insurance. It helps by looking at subjective aspects of a translation as well as technical integrity. This is particularly true for those special types of documents that an entire commercial endeavor may hinge upon.


transladiem can also perform a linguistic analysis to see if both the source document and the back-translated one are alike by having a third and neutral linguist on the case. If any discrepancies are noted, these will be documented in our report to the client.


For example, a document in English has been translated into Spanish. The back-translation process means that a second independent translator will translate the just-translated Spanish document into its original language, which is English in this case. This allows the client to see if both English documents, the source one and the back-translated one, are alike. If the two English docs show worrying discrepancies here and there, this means the Spanish translation is a bad one in certain places.

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